Cha Bai Wan, a brand that specialised in providing high-quality tea and fashionable tea sets.  Several like-minded friends who are passionate about tea tasting hit it off and established this brand to promote Chinese tea in different ways.  We have been exploring the field of tea for more than 20 years, among which we have tried thousands of teas from different production areas, growth environments and processing methods. Therefore, we selected the most high-quality and finest flavours that are popular among the public.

 CBW also advocates the habit of drinking tea by adhering to the concept of 'old tea, new drinking style'.  Mainly, we hope that customers can choose healthier drinks instead of high-sugar drinks. In recent years, tea is getting more appealing to young people. Especially when the pandemic hits, there is a hike in consuming Chinese tea. In the word chadao – the “way of tea”, which was deemed a path to the attainment of wisdom and enlightenment, it can create an alert and calm state of mind. Besides, tea is proven by science, to be a very rich source of antioxidant called flavonoids. Drinking substantial amount of tea undoubtedly brings some benefits to our health.

 There are different price range of tea, from low to high, however the people who drink tea do not distinguish themselves in that way. In the pursuit of high-quality tea, we also hope to set the price to be affordable for everyone, so that the daily tea consumption will no longer be a financial burden to tea lovers.

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